Lithium-based Cell and Battery Pack Manufacturer

BAK specializes in the manufacture of rechargeable batteries and rechargeable battery packs. Our lithium ion cells usually serve as the cell phone battery or laptop battery. As a kind of traction battery, the lithium iron phosphate battery can be applied to power electric cars, electric wheelchairs, golf carts, electric bicycles, etc. Our lithium polymer cells are suitable for various digital products, such as digital cameras, digital videos and portable speakers. Custom design and OEM services are available in accordance with your requirements.

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    1. Lithium Ion Rechargeable Cells

      Our lithium ion rechargeable cells are manufactured in a square or cylindrical shape. The cylindrical ones are mainly intended for use in laptops. Our high capacity rechargeable cells are available in a variety of models, and please refer to the PDF at the bottom for detailed model information.

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    1. Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Cells

      With a wide selection of sizes, capacities and discharge rates, Li-polymer cells are processed to produce finished batteries for use in mobile phones, digital electronic products, tablet PCs, navigation systems, satellite positioning systems, model aircraft, electric tools, etc.

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    1. High Power Lithium Batteries

      The high power lithium battery uses LiNiCoMnO2 as the positive electrode material. This material system enables the product to provide high rate discharge performance. In addition, the lithium rechargeable battery is more suitable for large battery packs made up of multiple single cells.

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    1. NiMh Battery Packs

      Thanks to good resistance to high temperature, our nickel metal hydride battery can operate over a wide temperature range.
      With low internal resistance, it allows high or ultra-high rate discharge.
      There is little difference between products of the same type.

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    1. Power Bank

      Our product makes charging convenient wherever you go. With a variety of connectors, our product can charge mobile phones of all models in the market. In addition, our external battery is also suitable for charging MP3, MP4, iPad, and other electronic products requiring a 5V input.

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    1. Portable Solar Chargers

      The solar panel has no built-in battery. It can be directly connected to devices for charging, or connected to USB universal charger or power bank to further charge all kind of devices, such as field head lamp, flashlight, camping lights, GPS, digital camera, smartphone, interphone, iPhone, iPod (mp3/mp4), etc.

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